“It was life transforming” – Margret*

“Interacting with a psychiatrist helped change my thought pattern, perspective towards life as well as my lifestyle.

Before, I had no clue that it was possible to break certain negative thought patterns, before, my thoughts kept me in bondage and I would make conclusions over people’s attitude or response towards me but in the absence of any clear evidence.

Contrary to public opinion, seeing a psychiatrist was very therapeutic and offered a chance for me to talk about my problems and in the process discover healthier solutions that have worked to the best of my well being.

Above all else, I guess it has been about finding a sense of inner peace and making sure to protect that on a day by day basis through the empowerment received during the psychotherapy.

I think for me to say that it’s been good would be an understatement. It was life transforming“.

*Name has been changed for patient confidentiality.


Author: chipikadzongwe