Where to find Psychiatrists and Psychologists in Malawi

Malawi has a limited number of psychiatrists and psychologists, it can be hard to find one. You do not have to struggle alone with stress and any other mental health issues. You can contact them wherever you are.

In Blantyre, there is a psychiatrist at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital alongside a competent and dedicated team of mental health practitioners. The team has special expertise in problem solving therapy. At Mwaiwathu Private Hospital there is a part-time psyiatrist and psychologist. At College of Medicine Private Clinic there is a team of psychiatrists and psychologists.

In Zomba, there are psychiatrists at Zomba Mental Hospital.

In Lilongwe, there is a psychiatrist at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

If you are in need, please do not hesitate to reach out and get the support available to you now.

Author: chipikadzongwe